Bath & North East Somerset Council

2013 - Present. Developer.

Currently working for the Council in Bath, I am involved in the projects team, working as web and software developer.

The Council has an ambitious IT department and we have an exciting year ahead including projects such as virtual desktops, opening and connecting data, and increasing council use of mobile and tablet applications.

Microsoft Certified Professional

2013. Web Applications

In July 2013 I validated my years of experience in web development by taking 3 exams in web technologies to gain Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) status.

Lifetime Training

2013. Software developer.

Working again within software development, within Lifetime we used Agile project methodologies (SCRUM) to create and maintain a critical software implementation used to keep track of Apprenticeship assessment information.

Microsoft Certified Professional

2013. Windows Store Applications

In July 2013 I spent time training in app development, including apps for Windows 8. I took 3 exams in order to gain another Microsoft Certification.

Though relatively new, Windows 8 metro apps are steadily increasing and I am looking forward to continue to use this framework as it evolves.

Charity Work

2013 - Present. Various websites.

While taking a short break in 2013, I spent time working on charity web development projects, in order to help out organisations requiring new websites. These include Read Around Bath, Bristol Ageing Better, Bristol Housing Advice Service, and Bristol Rape Crisis (now SARSAS).

While currently not having as much time as previously, I still continue to support previous charities, and work on occasional new projects. Please get in contact if you know of any future projects.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

2013. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

As well as completing the lengthy MCP certifications in 2013, I also gained a single examination certification for HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript, ensuring I keep up to date in these essential web technologies.

iOS Development

2012 - Present. Various apps.

During my time at SoVision I learnt iOS development including use of XCode, and programming in Objective C.

I have gone on to create my own iOS apps and submit these on the Apple app store.


2012 - 2013. Senior software developer

At soVision I was primarily involved in creating web sites for local organisations within the Bristol/Bath area.

I also created a iOS app to run on iPads that would manage a key client's expenses and agenda system; this allowed users to sync their schedule and add expenses to events while offline, and then submit these once online.

Android Development

2012 - Present. Various apps.

The Google Android operating system allows for a great deal of creativity in terms of app development, and I have been enjoying creating android apps for phone and tablet devices.

I have an account on the Google Play developer store under the name DaveSRowe and am currently working on an App for Bath residents, 'My Bath'.

Mobile Development

2012 - Present. Android/iOS

Android mobile development is my mobile platform of choice, it is primarily written using the Java programming language, which I studied at University and have continued to use since.

I have also created apps in iOS and have an Apple developer account to publish apps to the Apple store.

I also work with Cordova, an application development platform used to create apps which can be published to all mobile platforms.

Reading Borough Council

2011 - 2012. Web developer.

I spent my time at Reading Borough Council maintaining multiple large scale public websites, as well as critical Intranet implementation.

Key achievements include: Developing the Choice Based Lettings system for the new website development - this system allows member of the public to view and bid on council housing on the website.

Portrait Software

2007 - 2011. Software developer.

I joined Portrait Software on a Graduate Scheme after my Computer Science university degree. Staying for another 4 years, it is from here that I learnt software development, database and web development skills from both formal training and on the job experience.

This was working primarily on CRM software including call centre software, marketing analytics, and customer interaction solutions.

Computer Science

2005. BSc (Hons.)

My Computer Science degree including the following subject areas (among others):

  • Programming in Java
  • Web Programming
  • Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Nature-Inspired Computing

Web Development

1998 - Present.

I have been interested by web development since creating simple HTML websites at school. I learnt PHP at university and moved on to training in Microsoft ASP.Net server technology when starting as a computing graduate

I also ensure I am aware of the latest HTML, Javascript and CSS specifications, and accessibility and usability standards.

Personal Statement

About me.

Throughout my career I have shown myself to be hard-working, talented, reliable, dedicated to the task at hand, and believe my work has always been of value to the organisations I have worked for (either as volunteer or employee).

My ambition and dedication has shown through in my previous work, where I have always gained excellent references from my portfolio to date.